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Refreshing our Open Government Plan

Thank you for all of your participation in our online forum. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Open Government Plan 2.0

We’re revising our Open Government Plan, Version 2.0 and we’d like your input. Social Security established the Office of Open Government to develop and implement a plan outlining the agency’s open government goals, objectives, and supporting activities. We developed and published two plans (June 2010 and September 2012) based on input from the public, our employees, open government advocates and other stakeholders. Acting Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin added her personal commitment to openness principles and actions in a 2013 message.

We want your ideas about the actions that the agency should take to be build greater transparency, participation, and collaboration into our processes. Please share your ideas, comment on those of others and vote on the ideas to let us know which ideas you believe are most important.

Thank you.

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